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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What is the correct pronunciation of MySQL?

Have you ever attended a MySQL conference or a simple webinar?

Have you noticed the different ways a speaker or a participant pronounce MySQL?

I do! And it confused me before.

You might have encountered some saying it "m|y|s|q|l" (spelled), or "my seek well", or "my es Q el".

So which one is the official way to pronounce MySQL?

I rushed to pick-up my phone and ask my very good friend, Google!

The result returned this:

I tried to look for few more answers and Wiki  gave me this:

MySQL is officially pronounced /maɪˌɛskjuːˈɛl/ ("My S-Q-L").
From then on, I usually pronounce it as "My es Q el" and try to influence others to pronounce it the same. But, whether you pronounce it as "My es Q el" or "My seek well", both should be fine.
But here's more!
Ever wonder why "MySQL" was named as  "MySQL"?
Well, one of the co-founder of MySQL AB, Michael Widenius, named it after to one of his daughter, My. 

Pretty cool, Right!?
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